Urgent Need for O POSITIVE Donors!

Type O+ Blood is in IMMEDIATE need for patient care in our local hospitals. Find a location to donate here.

AB Positive

Universal Plasma Donor

Type AB+ donors make up only about 3% of the population, but their plasma is in high demand by hospitals. Type AB+ plasma and platelets are used extensively in trauma and neonatal transfusions. ANYONE can receive AB+ plasma and 85% of the population can receive their platelets!

AB Positive Red cell compatibility chartAB Positive Plasma compatibility chartAB Positive platelet compatibility chart

For You

People with Type AB+ blood are known as the "Universal Receiver" since they can receive ANY blood type!

Maximize Your Impact

Due to the unique properties of this rare blood type, Type AB+ donors are encouraged to become Apheresis donors to give their universal plasma to keep hospitals prepared for emergency plasma transfusions. Learn more about Apheresis and Plasma donations here!