Urgent Need for O POSITIVE Donors!

Type O+ Blood is in IMMEDIATE need for patient care in our local hospitals. Find a location to donate here.

B Negative

More Rare and Needed Type

Only around 2% of the population has Type B- blood, making it very unique due to it's rarity. Only Types B and AB can receive your Red Cells, so this type is extremely important for patients with Type B blood. 

B Negative Red cell compatibility chartB Negative plasma compatibility chartB Negative platelet compatibility chart

For You

People with Type B- blood can only receive types B and O Negative... that's only 11% of the population!

Maximize Your Impact

Type B- donors are encouraged to give Double Red Cells if they qualify. If not, they are encouraged to donate whole blood as often as they can (every 8 weeks!) Read more about the Double Reds process here!