SOS- Save Our Summer!

Be a lifesaver this summer- donate blood! Our donor centers are nice & cool and ready for you. Walk-ins welcome! Find a location here.

From The Heart Club

Support Camp ChallengeCamp Challenge campers

We know that you appreciate the rewards we offer for being a frequent blood donor. But we also know that you don't give blood simply for those rewards. By choosing "From The Heart Club" as your reward option, you join a pool of other blood donors who send children with cancer and chronic hematologic disorders (such as sickle cell) to a non-profit summer camp known as Camp Challenge. 

The goal of Camp Challenge is to help these kids to develop Coping Skills and Self-Confidence. Also to provide the opportunity to make friends and to interact with other children with similar illnesses and experiences. Campers will create arts and crafts, play sports, and experience other fun-filled camp activities! Visit www.campchallenge.org for additional details on this wonderful program. 

Global Blood Fund

When you choose this option, The Blood Center will contribute to the Global Blood Fund which sends basic supplies (beds, chairs, scales, etc.) to blood donor centers in developing countries.