Urgent Need for O POSITIVE Donors!

Type O+ Blood is in IMMEDIATE need for patient care in our local hospitals. Find a location to donate here.

AB Negative

Universal Platelet & Plasma Donor

Type AB- platelets and plasma can be received by ANYONE, so this type is in high demand by hospitals for trauma patients and neonatal transfusions.

AB negative Red cell compatibility chartAB Negative plasma compatibility chartAB Negative platelet compatibility chart

For You

People with Type AB- blood can only receive Negative Rh types (A, B, AB, and O Negative.) That's only around 15% of the population!

Maximize Your Impact

Due to their universal platelets and plasma, donors with Type AB- blood are encouraged to become Apheresis donors and give Plasma, Platelets, or a combination of both to maximize their impact. Learn more about Apheresis donations here!