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Family Blood Assurance

Blood Assurance

Instead of a t-shirt or promotional item, donors can select Family Blood Assurance as their reward for giving blood. Donors selecting the Blood Assurance option receive unlimited blood coverage for each beneficiary, determined by the donor and chosen as follows:

  • Donor and immediate family (defined as tax dependents and parents residing in the same household)
  • Donor and maximum of three other individuals (They do not have to be related to the donor and can include domestic partners or friends)
  • Four other individuals, excluding donor (Pick 4 individuals to be covered by Blood Assurance)

Unlimited blood coverage from Blood Assurance will begin 15 days after the date of blood donation and be valid for one year from the date of donor’s blood donation. Coverage includes unlimited reimbursement for all blood components, including apheresis components, transfused anywhere in the United States, but excludes commercially prepared plasma derivatives and coagulation factors.

  • Pre-existing illnesses are excluded from the Blood Assurance coverage.
  • Insurance-first policy: Blood Assurance will be implemented only after insurance pays policy limits.

Placing A Blood Assurance Claim

Payment will not be rendered until claim form is received and hospital verification of components used is complete. Compensation will be made directly to the patient.

Click here to download the Blood Assurance Claim Form

Click here to submit a Blood Assurance Claim Online