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About Blood Types

Target Your Type and MAXIMIZE Your Impact!

There are 8 major blood types, each one with the power to save lives and help patients in our community. All types, including common ones like O+ (positive) and A+ (positive), are needed by patients all the time. The only wrong type is the type we do not have and the rarest type happens to be the one missing from the shelf when it's needed!

You can MAXIMIZE your donation impact by learning more about your blood type and learning which components of your blood are in highest demand by our hospitals for patient care. For example, most of us have heard that O Negative is the Universal Red Blood Cell donor, but did you know there is a Universal Platelet Type?? Click the icons below to learn more about each blood type!

(Please note that this information is based on what is most commonly needed by patients. Hospital inventory fluctuates every day, and we may occasionally ask donors to change their donation type to match our community's current needs)

Did you know? Every blood donation is tested for Blood Type, so if you're not sure what your type is you can find out by giving blood!

Learn about the different blood types by clicking the icons below:

O PositiveO Negative

A PositiveA Negative

B PositiveB Negative

A B PositiveA B Negative