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Blood Replacement For Patients

Blood Replacement Program

The Blood Replacement program was established to support patients with pre-existing illnesses and patients who are not already covered under Blood Assurance. Family members and friends of patients using blood are highly encouraged to donate blood to replace what their loved one has used and to make sure it is available for the next person who needs it. The Blood Replacement Program is also a good way to raise funds for the patients family to help with medical costs, as well as support the community's blood supply.

How It Works:

  • For each pint of blood donated as a replacement for a specific patient, The Blood Center will issue $10 directly to the patient.
  • For every platelet or apheresis donation designated as a replacement unit for a specific patient, The Blood Center will issue $30 directly to the patient.

Blood Replacement Drives

Friends and family may make replacement donations at any one of our donor centers or blood drives. Make sure that they choose "Replacement" and give the patient's name at time of donation. We would also be happy to help you set up and host a replacement blood drive! Click the link for details or contact our Donor Recruitment Department at (504) 592-1596 or you can email blooddrive@thebloodcenter.org

Click here to download the Blood Replacement Claim Form

Click here to submit a Blood Replacement Claim Online