Urgent Need for O POSITIVE Donors!

Type O+ Blood is in IMMEDIATE need for patient care in our local hospitals. Find a location to donate here.

B Positive

Rare and Needed Type

Only around 9% of the population has Type B+ blood. B and AB Positive types can receive your Red Cells. Due to it's rarity, B blood types are always in demand by hospitals.

B Positive Red cell compatibility chartB Positive plasma compatibility chartB Positive platelet compatibility chart

For You

People with B+ blood can receive Types B and O both positive and negative.

Maximize Your Impact

Due to it's rarity, Type B+ Red Cells are in high demand by hospitals. Donors can maximize their impact by donating Double Reds, Apheresis (Red Cells and Platelets) or, if they don't qualify for Double Reds or Apheresis, they are encouraged to donate Whole Blood as often as they can. (Up to every 8 weeks!) Learn about Double Reds and Apheresis donations here!