Urgent Need for O POSITIVE Donors!

Type O+ Blood is in IMMEDIATE need for patient care in our local hospitals. Find a location to donate here.

O Positive

The Most Common

Around 37% of the population has O+ blood. Because more people have this type, hospitals transfuse it more often than other blood types. All of the Rh Positive blood types (Types O, A, B, and AB positive) can receive your red cells!

O Positive Red cell compatibility chartO Positive platelet compatibility chartO Positive plasma compatibility chart

For You

People with Type O+ blood can ONLY receive O+ and O- Red Blood Cells.

Maximize Your Impact

O+ Red Blood Cells are in high demand in hospitals. To maximize your impact, consider donating Double Reds! This process allows us to collect two complete units of Red Blood Cells, doubling your impact! Read more about donating Double Reds here!