Apheresis donors needed!

Apheresis donors (Platelets, Plasma) are needed IMMEDIATELY for continued patient care. Learn more about the donation process.

Thank The Donor

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Connecting patients with their donors like never before

Blood cannot be manufactured, it can only be donated by people who want to make a difference in the lives of patients they will probably never meet. The Blood Center's Thank The Donor program gives patients the opportunity to reach out anonymously and tell their blood donors "Thank You!" Not all blood recipients get this chance, but Thank The Donor breaks through the barriers that previously separated blood recipients and their donors.

To participate in this program, all you have to do is ensure we have your current e-mail address!

How It Works:

  • Blood donation is received by TBC where it is tested in the lab then labeled for the hospital with a green "Thank The Donor" heart
  • The blood is received by a patient, who can then follow instructions on the heart to submit a message on ThankTheDonor.org
  • Using a unique barcode ID, the patient's message is sent to TBC where it is sent anonymously to the blood donor's email!

Patient and donor privacy is 100% protected in the process. Patients can consent weather or not a message is permitted to be shared on social media and with blood center staff, or just with their donor.